Sally Irvine trained in photography in her native Somerset in the mid-nineties. Initial interests lay in music photography and her early work was published in Mojo, Wire and Ptolemaic Terrascope magazines.

By the end of the nineties, her context had changed and she went on to study Fine Art at the University of Plymouth, graduating in 2003, before going on to complete a Masters at Goldsmiths College, London in 2005.

Now living and working in London, her practice spans film/video, photography and sound.

She is also a member of OMSK: A London based collective of artists creating events which encourage site/context specific work and always attract a challenging audience.

OMSK offers an opportunity for emerging and established artists who work across formats to test out new ideas, experiment with audience interaction, and push their own questions.

"I am interested in people and their psyche, their conscious and their unconscious actions. Working in the main through the mediums of video and photography, I try to produce imagery that deals with our double nature to yearn for connection and our necessity to set up barriers and with the correlation between loss and desire."

Man cannot aim at being whole. The 'total personality' is another of the deviant premises of modern psychology. (Lacan, Ecrits: a selection)

The mind is a terrible thing to taste